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Coronavirus (Covid -19) and Zinc

I have been watching the news with great interest regarding the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, as a promising treatment for the Coronavirus.  It is my understanding that these medications are used to allow Zinc to be absorbed into the body, at the cellular level.

I have developed and tested soil amendments designed to increase bioavailable mineral uptake into farm grown foods. Zinc is one of the many minerals my company has tested over the past ten years. Bioavailable minerals absorb at the DNA level. My research of increasing the mineral levels in our food has always been to improve the health of the consumer.  Research has shown that over the years plant foods have become increasingly deficient in Zinc and other essential minerals.  I believe that these deficiencies have been a contributing factor of this virus developing into a pandemic.

In order to address the mineral deficiencies and their effects on our health I developed a variety of soil amendments.  I have found that the best delivery method of minerals is to supplement the soil, then to consume the plant, instead of consuming supplements directly.  Through the use of advanced analytical technology, we have been able to measure the amount of each mineral in plant foods.

When applied to a field, the Zinc soil amendment I developed will increase the bioavailable Zinc on the next harvest. My certified testing has validated that the Zinc uptake increased over 400% in peas and kale.

The current national average of Zinc in peas is 22ppm.  In order to achieve the RDA of Zinc, one would need to consume 20 bowls of split-pea soup, compared to three bowls of soup made with peas, using our process.

The process has the same effect on all vegetables at different levels of absorption.  The radish has one of the fastest growth rates at 28 days, from planting to harvest. Our testing of radishes grown in our Zinc soil amendment reported five times higher than the control radishes.  Achieving the RDA of Zinc in the diet is possible by consuming a serving the size of a snack.

Our product development is completed and fully validated through certified analytical testing.  At this time, I do not have the funding for large scale production.  If funding were to be made available, my process could be applied to existing crops at any time.  This would make the delivery of Zinc enriched plant foods in a short time frame, making the most of this year’s harvest.

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