Soil Conditioner Product #021393

Designed to replenish minerals into your garden to help improve your overall emotional well-being.   These mineral deficiencies may be associated with depression and emotional instability: Boron, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Lithium and Sulfur.


Product Number: 021393


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Those with depression and emotional instability symptoms may have a deficiency in any of the following minerals: Boron, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Lithium and Sulfur. This Emotional Well-being Formula is designed to replenish these minerals into your vegetable garden.

Application Instructions:
Greenhouse Use: Mix with 1 yard of clean topsoil
Vegetable Garden Use: Mix or till into a 10’x10’ garden, 3 inches in depth or sprinkle in seed trench (100 ft. max)

Caution: Safety glasses and rubber gloves required when handling this product.

Package Size: 0.25 cubic ft.


Boron appears to affect calcium and magnesium metabolism and membrane function.  It is essential for efficient absorption of calcium in the body.  It was found by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to significantly reduce the loss of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in post-menopausal women.  It may also be helpful for ischemic heart disease and other forms of cardiovascular disease.  Boron deficiency signs may be related to the level of vitamin D and possibly other nutrients in the diet.  Deficiency Symptoms: Osteoporosis, Arthritis*

Calcium is an essential chemical element largely concerned with the structure and rigidity of bones and teeth.  A small portion is involved in blood clotting, transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles, and regulation of the parathyroid gland.  One percent of the body’s calcium circulating in body fluids maintains correct acid-alkaline balance and regulates the heartbeat among other vital functions.  Lack of calcium in the diet leads to a form of “leaching out” of bone mineral content (osteoporosis) and when vitamin D is also deficient, the condition known as rickets occurs.*

Magnesium is important to calcium and potassium homeostasis.  Numerous biochemical and physiological processes require, or are modulated by magnesium, including energy production, protein synthesis, muscle contractions and vascular tone.  Extracellular magnesium concentrations are critical to the maintenance of electrical potentials of nerve and muscle membranes and for transmission of impulses across neuromuscular junctions. Magnesium deficiency is common since this mineral is refined out of many foods during processing. Deficiencies have been associated with coronary heart disease, formation of clots in the heart and brain, calcium deposits in the kidneys, blood vessels and heart, digestive disorders, depression and many other symptoms.*

Selenium plays an essential role in several enzymes including xanthine oxidase which aids in mobilizing iron from liver reserves; aldehyde oxidase which is necessary for oxidation of fats and sulfite oxidase.  It modulates metabolism of calcium, magnesium, copper and nitrogen and may also be an antioxidant.  Deficiencies can result from excess sulfites (common preservative of foods and drugs) or from refining of foods.  Consequences of molybdenum deficiency include retarded weight gain, poor appetite, impaired reproduction, fast heartbeat, increased rate of breathing, visual problems and shortened life expectancy.*

Lithium reduces aggressiveness, violence and self-destruction.*


What sets us apart

  • All of our products are 100% certified tested through a third-party laboratory.
  • The plants naturally uptake our bioavailable minerals, from the soil. We do not add any organic compounds to a plant-based mix.
  • Our products are designed to assist the production of amino acids within the human body, in order to properly address the symptoms of mineral deficiencies.
  • We only use reagent grade, bullion grade and food grade minerals for soil production. We never use fertilizer grade products or substandard products in any of our Soil Solutions formulas.
  • Our soils are monitored and refortified on a regular basis.


  • Our pricing reflects the quality control cost of third-party testing.
  • 75% or greater of the net profits will go back in the company’s research, development and product line expansion.
  • All of our research has been self-funded without the assistance of government grants.
  • We believe in a living wage. Our minimum paid position is $15, an hour.
  • Our quality control, farm safety and food safety programs guarantee a quality product. Our testing and product development provide you the customer a safe, clean, value added product.
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