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Soil Conditioner Master Gardener Pack

Mineral deficiencies maybe associated with symptoms of heart conditions, diabetes, a weakened immune system, depression, memory or fertility issues.  Replenish much needed minerals into your vegetable garden with our complete Master Gardener Soil Conditioner Pack.  Our lab tested soil conditioners will increase the mineral uptake in your vegetables and provide you with the minerals you need.

Contains all 6 Soil Solutions packages.

FREE Book “Minerals for the Genetic Code,” by Charles Walters, with the purchase of Master Gardener Pack.


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Contains 6 packages: 

  • Emotional Well-Being Soil Conditioner
  • Fertility & Potency Soil Conditioner
  • Glucose Tolerance Soil Conditioner
  • Health & Immune Soil Conditioner
  • Heart Health Soil Conditioner
  • Memory Soil Conditioner
  • Book “Minerals of the Genetic Code”, by Charles Walters

Application Instructions:
Greenhouse Use: Mix with 1 yard of clean topsoil
Vegetable Garden Use: Mix or till into a 10’x10’ garden, 3 inches in depth or sprinkle in seed trench (100 ft. max)

Caution: Safety glasses and rubber gloves required when handling this product.

Package Size: 0.25 cubic ft. each (6 packages)

What sets us apart

  • All of our products are 100% certified tested through a third-party laboratory.
  • The plants naturally uptake our bioavailable minerals, from the soil. We do not add any organic compounds to a plant-based mix.
  • Our products are designed to assist the production of amino acids within the human body, in order to properly address the symptoms of mineral deficiencies.
  • We only use reagent grade, bullion grade and food grade minerals for soil production. We never use fertilizer grade products or substandard products in any of our Soil Solutions formulas.
  • Our soils are monitored and refortified on a regular basis.


  • Our pricing reflects the quality control cost of third-party testing.
  • 75% or greater of the net profits will go back in the company’s research, development and product line expansion.
  • All of our research has been self-funded without the assistance of government grants.
  • We believe in a living wage. Our minimum paid position is $15, an hour.
  • Our quality control, farm safety and food safety programs guarantee a quality product. Our testing and product development provide you the customer a safe, clean, value added product.
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