Author: Robert J. Van Risseghem

Coronavirus (Covid -19) and Zinc

I have been watching the news with great interest regarding the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, as a promising treatment for the Coronavirus.  It is my understanding that these medications are used to allow Zinc to be absorbed into the body, at the cellular level. I have developed and tested soil amendments designed to increase […]

New Product in 2019

our current  soil conditioner will no longer be sold after Dec 31,  2018. Our new soil amendments will be one mineral per amendment allowing  you to customize your garden soils for your nutritional needs. The soil conditioners that a have on inventory at all on sale while supplies last.

How to Multiply the Nutritional and Healing Power of Food by 10x (or Even More). Recent discoveries reveal that food, grown and consumed in certain ways (you can do this yourself) can literally annihilate disease. Robert J. Van Risseghem  responses to eat@earth  Interview Questions 1. When it comes to human nutrition, I think […]

Regenerative Organic Certified

Regenerative organic certified Attached are my written comments for the Regenerative Organic Certification. This is a brand new certification developed by the Rodale Institute, along with the Patagonian group. The goals for the new Regenerative Organic Certified program is to: 1) increase soil organic matter over time and potentially sequester carbon in the soil, 2) […]

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